Dr. Jennifer Webster And Dr. Jocelyn Skelton Are Licensed Chiropractors With Specialized Training In Chiropractic For Animals

In Conjunction With Appropriate Veterinary Care, Many Musculo-Skeletal Conditions Are Well Addressed By Animal Chiropractic

In addition, numerous animal caretakers understand the value of chiropractic in the over-all health and wellness of their dogs, cats, horses and other animals

Benefits of animal chiropractic include, enhanced performance, function and quality of life.

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Indications For Animal Chiropractic

While most animal owners know instinctively that something is wrong, here are some specific things to observe:

• Pain

• Neck, back, or tail pain

• Muscle spasms

• Disc problems (IVDD)

• Sensitivity to touch

• Weakness

• Paralysis

• Limping

• Joint issues

• Injuries from slips, falls and accidents

• Event or sporting injuries

• Abnormal posture

• Gait issues

• Jaw or TMJ problems, chewing difficulties

• Stiffness coming out of the crate or stall

• Uneven muscle development

• Holding tail to one side

• Post-surgical care

• Bowel and bladder dysfunction

• Puppy sit

• Seizures

• Neurological problems

• Difficulty with weight bearing

• Trouble getting up and down

• Behaviour change

• Skin lesions

• Scratching

• Stiffness in side movement of the body or neck

• Holding up paw or hoof

• Lack of energy

• General maintenance of joint and spinal health

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