After An Accident It Is Very Common To Have

Neck pain                           


Back Pain                           


Weak arms and legs

Muscle spasms and stiffness

Jaw Pain and TMJ disorder

These pains can cause significant impact on your life.

If left untreated, they may turn into serious chronic pain.  We provide safe and effective conservative treatment. We assist you in recovering from your injuries.  Our treatments can help you feel better faster, so you can return to living your life free from pain.

Our team will also assist and guide you through the steps in dealing with your auto insurance.

This may be your first Motor Vehicle accident, but we have dealt with hundreds. 

In Alberta, you are eligible for 10 chiropractic treatments if you have a minor injury. If necessary, you are eligible for more coverage. This is billed directly to the insurance company. 

The process after you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident:

Step 1                    Within 10 days of the accident file an accident report with the police

Step 2                    Schedule an appointment and begin treatment if required

Step 3                    We provide you with the forms to complete for your insurer

Step 4                    We answer any questions you may have

Step 5                    Start you on the path to recovery